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 Divorce attorneys in Indianapolis are considered to be the heart and soul of Indian County because they are committed to protecting the interest of their clientele. There is a process that has to be followed before one can seek help from a local attorney. The first step is that a letter of intent needs to be drafted and submitted to the court. Then there has to be an investigation carried out on both parties regarding their potential involvement in the dissolution of the marriage. This requires further investigation and evaluation by the attorney.


Once all the investigations are over, it is then time to move on with the formalities. The respondent's preliminary inquiry must be filed with the courts. The respondent can either deny or accept the allegations. If the respondent denies the allegations, a motion for summary judgment will have to be filed. The Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure allows for this motion to be filed within about 30 days of the denial.


On motion day, the judge will listen to both sides and give his final decision. It is common for the judge to issue a written order and a signed document. A transcript of these proceedings will then be filed. After the order is issued, the respondent must either file a reply or file a motion to dismiss.


The Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure also allows for the filing of a counter-petition. If the respondent files a counter-petition, this will stop the process where the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure have already been completed. There is however, an exception when the hearing is a trial. In this instance, the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure will require that the petition be filed with the court within three days of issuance of the initial order. This allows time for discovery to occur.


Once discovery has finished, the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure will move to a jury trial. It is common for a trial to be a lengthy process. In this case, the jury trial will last about one month. The length of time varies between six months and two years depending on the court's discretion.


Many attorneys in Indianapolis specialize in divorce litigation. Because there are so many different issues to be decided at trial, a good Indianapolis divorce attorney will be able to handle many different types of cases. They should have a background in law and have expertise in family law. Being a divorce attorney is more than just filing papers and presenting your case in front of a judge. You must be prepared to take a stand for your rights and to present all evidence in your defense.

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