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An 89 rating would make Raphinha one of the best PL left midfielders in Ultimate Team, so be sure you don't sleep this SBC.Electronic Arts has secured a licence extension with UEFA, and introduced a number of projects developed to further afield FIFA's position as market leader in football games.The writer has signed a agreement with the European soccer association which gives it the exclusive rights to the Champions League, as well as the Europa League and Super Cup.

EA chose this chance to also declare that FIFA will make its debut Google's Stadia streaming service this year, together with FIFA 21 launching on March 17. Stadia is in need of some positive information after Google announced yesterday that it had shut the internal studios accountable for developing distinctive titles, rather focusing on third-party names and outsourcing its technology to publishers.EA also announced a number of different expansions for the FIFA franchise, including the addition of 15 markets -- such as Russia, Poland and Turkey -- to free-to-play PC supplying FIFA Online 4.

The publishing asserts this extends the online game's reach to potentially 80 million gamers round the brand new territories.Finally, EA said it's six mobile FIFA titles in development, which range from simulation to"unique arcade formats that offer new techniques to play for everyone."

The FIFA franchise has now sold over 325 million units over its lifetime, with player count for FIFA 21 already monitoring ahead of the record-breaking FIFA 20.

EA expands UEFA license, with multiple FIFA mobile games in the works.Electronic Arts has announced that the multiyear UEFA license expansion, preserving its exclusivity deal for your FIFA franchise. The agreement offers FIFA the exclusive rights to the Champions League, the Europa League and Super Cup.The publisher also announced that the franchise will be launching on Stadia for the first time on March 17th, together with the release of FIFA 21 on the platform. An interestingly timed statement, given that Google has recently changed direction with Stadia, announcing that it was closing its internal development studios.


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