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in the masses with a familiar gaming icon and his sibling, fans can still pick the title up at retailers or the Nintendo eShop. Best of all, the game will be receiving a price drop to coincide with the release of the new Wii U SKU, awarding the Nintendo-centric theme park adventure a very reasonable $29.99 price point.Whether or not the Mario and Luigi set, price drop, and recent onslaught of first-party games are enough to FIFA Coins get the Wii U a significant user base remains to be seen, but the moves


has made lately appear to be setting up its home console for a much more successful 2014. This upcoming Holiday season will also be Buy Cheap Nostalrius Elysium Gold  big for the Big N, so it'll be interesting to see how the Wii U stacks up to the next-gen platforms landing later this November. You can follow Riley on  Respawn Entertainment Teases 'Titanfall' Beta Announcement. While many gamers are making their next-gen console pre-orders and purchases now, some are investing not in each console's launch line-


but future releases. And although there are many exciting next-gen titles slated to release in 2014, one game — Titanfall — has a lot of people talking.Even though early hands-off demos and gameplay trailers for Titanfall have sufficiently whet gamers' appetites for a new breed of multiplayer shooter, the general consensus among the gaming press is that playing the game seals the deal. As a result, gamers are chomping at the bit for any opportunity to try out the game, either at a special


or in a beta test.Unfortunately, we don't have any news about a Titanfall event, but what we do have is a tease from developer Respawn Entertainment that an announcement is coming later today. What that announcement might be isn't exactly clear, but the wording of the tweet — specifically the Be the First to Fall into Titanfall — leads us to believe it has something to do with a multiplayer beta. Like Battlefield 4, and Destiny some time next year, it appears to

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