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Wheels of Salvation Wheels of Salvation
Use the Wheels of Salvation to help Dr. Carter escape The Pit of Endless...
Outer Space Outer Space
Use thrusters to navigate the probe around asteroids and back to the spa...
King of the Hill King of the Hill
Use your castles weapons to protect yourself from the enemy, and become ...
Brewery Defender Brewery Defender
Use your spaceship platforms to protect the brewery building and beer tr...
Spug Shock Spug Shock
Use your wizard from super mario and fire at the blocks coming your way.
Worm Warrior Worm Warrior
Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat before they i...
Chicken Basket Chicken Basket
Very fun game, see how tall of a chicken ladder you can build and collec...
Electro Man Electro Man
very fun, delicate hand person, skill game
Castlevania Castlevania
Walk around aimlessly through a demon infested world and kill them with ...
War in Iraq War in Iraq
Walk around with your soldier and kill iraqi troops before they shoot yo...
Blue Midget Stalker Blue Midget Stalker
Walk down the streets in your giant robot, shooting down soldiers, tanks...
Midnight Strike Midnight Strike
Walk through the factory, shooting down enemies and barrels with your gu...
Animal Hunter Animal Hunter
Walk through the forest with your bow and arrow shoot rabbits ostrich an...
Viking Raider Viking Raider
Walk through the forests and castles, chopping down monks with your axe.
Bug on a Wire Bug on a Wire
Watch for birds and low flying bugs while staying on the wire in this en...
Elephant Elephant
What do you do when your the size of a small dicky bird and an elephant ...
Happy Pill Happy Pill
Why should only doctors get to spread the joy.
Beat The Meter Beat The Meter
With the price of gasoline rising steeply, this timely flash game should...
Manic Medic Manic Medic
Work as a paramedic rescue team member, drive the ambulance around the s...
Jedi Duels Jedi Duels
Yoda, the Jedi master and Bob return to take on a pair of dark warriors.
Aitchu 3 Aitchu 3
You are Aitchu The Ninja. You have to save Sawsi San from the kidnappers...
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