Sex doll might be a good solution |

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Acording to sexologist Wim Slabbinck, a sex doll might be a good solution for people who do not have any intimate relations but also do not want to visit a sex worker. "I'm convinced that the use of sex doll and even sex robots is going to keep gaining popularity," he explained. He's quick to add that "at $120 an hour, it's also cheaper than sex with a real person."


A explanation for why someone might choose to rent a cheapest tpe sex doll rather than contacting an escort service or directly soliciting a sex worker. "Our clientele is broader than that," he says. "Whether it's someone who wants to spice up their sex life, or someone with a physical or mental disability, or someone who wants sexual release but who has trouble opening up to other people, or just someone who wants to fulfill a fantasy," he says.

Interest from the general public seems to be growing, according to Het Nieuwsblad, and for women as well. "I have been asked if I have a male doll a few times already. But right now, I don't," Jacobs said. "The sale of the little sex dolls seems to be catching on too. Last month alone, I sold two. The advantage, of course, is that interested buyers can come here to test them first."

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