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 It has totally turned the game on Fortnite Items Cheap its head in both the amateur and expert scenes, it's so notable that it often feels like there is rarely counterplay for it, and it negates a lot of the skills that players have learned to excel at Fortnite so far. However, Epic seems to be doubling back on the notion, which is led to a series of exchanges that have cemented this rift between them and players.

The Infinity Blade is introduced also causes chaos in routine sport modes both for experts and ordinary players.Players call for the Infinity Blade to be eliminated from regular game modes and either vaulted or place in an LTM. Epic's first reaction to such issues is to say that they're fixing a bug that was giving the swordbearer 100 health on kill rather than 50 wellbeing on kill.Players are mad that Epic does not seem to be listening or comprehend the root of the problem at all.
On reddit, where it states it will slightly nerf the blade (you can't harvest mats or build while grip it), but there are no plans to get rid of it. They also show that they are planning more mythical weapons at the future.Players are flabbergasted that Epic appears to be doubling back on something nearly everyone obviously hates. Well, don't worry, we've got a record of gamebreaking mythic firearms on deck!
What's happening here, I think, is the tension of Epic being fearful of Fortnite ever feeling like it's growing stale, so that they feel forced to fortnite traps buy present fresh, meta-shaking things such as mythic weapons, even though no one was asking for them.And yet that poses a risk for the playerbase, as gamers are constantly on the lookout for a"jump the shark" moment where Fortnite destroys what a good thing they had going by making unnecessary adjustments. Many are now saying that this is that moment.
I think the most significant part of all this is just how much this feels just like when Thanos was introduced in Fortnite, so something which feels almost as powerful (maybe more so) being in the main game rather than an LTM seems eccentric. The concept of mythic weapons feels as though it is perfectly designed for an LTM. I could imagine a mode with a lot of different mythic weapons being lots of chaotic fun. But it does feel as it destroys the"purity" of traditional Fortnite in a way that most new developments don't. A new shotgun or AR or traversal approach might alter the metagame, but it will not totally break it. And X thing brought and is generally quickly nerfed in line, if it does. But firearms are just another category entirely, and so far everyone is pushing back against their inclusion in the major modes of the game.
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