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But a rift has formed between Epic and the neighborhood last week over a specific issue, the Fortnite Items Infinity Blade, the first introduction of a"mythic" grade of weapons onto the map. While mythical weapons are powerful guns that anyone can locate and pick around the world, there's only a single copy of a mythical weapon on the map in any given time, in this circumstance, that the Infinity Blade being located in Polar Peak, that gives its wielder superhuman health, protects, damage and freedom.
This has completely turned the game on its head in both the amateur and pro scenes, it is so notable that it sounds like there's rarely counterplay for it, and it negates a lot of the abilities that gamers have learned to excel in Fortnite up to now. But Epic seems to be doubling down on the notion, which is led to a series of exchanges that have cemented this rift between players and them.
The Infinity Blade is introduced and causes chaos in regular sport modes both for pros and ordinary players.Players call for buy fortnite weapons your Infinity Blade to be eliminated from regular game modes and vaulted or place in an LTM. Epic's first response to such issues is to state that they're fixing a bug that has been providing the swordbearer 100 health on kill instead of 50 health on kill.Players are angry that Epic does not seem to be listening or comprehend the origin of the problem in any way.
On reddit, where it says it will slightly nerf the blade (you can not harvest mats or construct while hold it), however there are not any plans to get rid of it. They also show that they are planning more mythical weapons at the future.Players are flabbergasted that Epic appears to be doubling back on something almost everyone obviously hates. Well, don't worry, we have a whole record of gamebreaking mythic weapons !
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