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Posted: 4/26/2019 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ]
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Loot trading was rather common in Mmogo.com wow classic gold regards to raiding, and it was usually not misuse but rather human mistake. Individuals will make errors when you have countless raids happening with thousands of items. Someone clicked the incorrect name when master looting, or someone just picked the incorrect item, or there was a misunderstanding etc etc etc..


Blizzard was happy to oblige since in many instances there was no doubt about who was presumed to cheap wow classic gold have gotten the item.

I would probably keep playing since I would like to check out the old stuff I would be pissed though.


The Things that would make me stop is when they removed something that was a important portion of classic like gamers using their secondary weapons ie seekers with melee weapons, warriors and rogues with ranged weapons etc or the more RPG elements like pet happiness and feeding, skills and abilities you manually learn, Ammunition and other class based resources, and of course ( you hear a choir of angels ) the glorious class quests and justs quests generally that send you all over so really have to experience the world and finally anything which makes WoW Classic unnecessarily simple.

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