MLB The Show 19. Best sports game can always get better |

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Please add more depth to street to the show. It needs trophy presentations (therefore does franchise) enjoy for winning the triple crown or the WS MVP. Not to like the Home Run Derby decoration item. That is not a trophy presentation. Also, more chances to speak to the press and intriguing ways to do it. Finally improve the audience reactions. Make them a part of MLB The Show 19. Best sports game can always get better.


Bryce Harper 2019. Perhaps they will only make every player look like Bryce Harper and we can play Bryce Harper in RTTS, and generate a group known as the Bryce Canyon Harpers, who play Bryce Harper arena and all the fans are Bryce Harper who are required to pay honour to the colossal gold statue of Bryce Harper.

I am not hating, just stating the obvious. I've played MLB the show game and even the MLB games which were made (989 sports/studio) and every MLB the show game since they included in diamond dynasty, has gone down hill... Same way with madden and supreme team. Both matches used to be awesome( gameplay wise) they are not..Plays 11 okay this is most likely a bit biased.


However, conforto has serious possibility he had been a 2017 all star and was amazing when he wasn't hurt 2018. Nimmo hits well, he's quickly, some soda, and has really good defense. Cano is beyond his prime but still very great. Diaz may get struck, but it's a rollercoaster park. Thor was?? Second half 2018. I know that's bad, but you're exaggerating a whole lot. We've got some decent arms in the bp but familia and Diaz are extremely good. Although it is likely the Mets will end badly, they've a better opportunity than preceding decades.

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