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Posted: 1/2/2019 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ]
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I have thought about the maplestory2 boss harm

So with this free character slot im having some difficulty with what I must make alongside boost my mains damage and overall a choice that is much better. Im unfunded level 199 AB with roughly 98k maplestory2 mesos range buffed.

So when taking these into account. If eliminating my colour would help for a link 4ms2 maplestory2 ability do know that this will eliminate my deck losing PDR so when replacing do take this into consideration.

More to note I don't intend on maining these characters I enjoy my AB plan to keep on this for quite a very long time and once I go from it, it will either be my Ghost or kanna therefore I really do not care what I make.I have thought about the DS the % maplestory2 boss harm is fine the card effect isnt that amazing but meh who cares.

I have also thought about making a cygnus... I don't have one if I thats 24 ATT increase the question will be Maple M Mesos that one? The thunder breaker looks most promising with the card effect giving bonus damage per degree (unless I am missunderstanding the card impact ) he is also a pirate that would mean I could replace my shade with him thus giving me back the 6% PDR. The link maplestory2 skill however is not that amazing. If I had all 5 to make then would not be poor but I think that a lone cygnus link is poor ( I could be wrong im a noob here).

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