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It seems like an obvious upgrade for Fortnite materials serious competitive gamers and aspiring streamers, but the issue remains: do you actually need a controller that costs up to $200 to improve your game? Last week in E3 in Los AngelesI Received my hands on a finalized version of the Vantage. I demoed it on the one game most specialist streamers and aggressive gaming lovers are sinking their teeth in these days: Epic Games' Fortnite.

After playing a couple of games on the show floor and getting more acclimated to the rear paddles and new side-located"sax" buttons, as they are called, I will say that the Vantage controller is a seriously competent upgrade for players who prefer a gamepad on a traditional MKB installation or XIM adapter. Until we get some more time with a review model after this summer, it's too early to call it a must-buy, however, the Vantage felt fantastic to use.

Of course, adding rear paddles to your gambling toolkit -- regardless of what device you're using -- is necessarily going to Cheap fortnite items improve your game regardless of what.


For almost any shooter, being able to remap buttons like leap and reload to the paddles on the rear of the controller free up your horn, which means they can stay on the thumbsticks. That gives you a competitive edge in just about any circumstance.

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