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They had a surprise sleeper hit with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a somewhat generic but extremely popular open world shooter, while The Rainbow Six Siege Credits Division was the fastest-selling brand new IP ever and experienced a renaissance in two. And they continued to defy the odds of Rainbow Six Siege, arguably the very best tactical shooter in the market, as a result of endless support from Ubisoft and its own dev team.

But of note was what Ubisoft was missing. Significantly, the sorts of microtransaction-based controversies that continuously plagued its fellow developers, Activision and EA.

Well, welcome to 2018. Ubisoft has taken two of its own most-liked games and...jammed some loot boxes to them. Though it might be better to insert loot boxes months or years ago the release of your game rather than right at launch, certainly the most faithful players who have stuck around do not really appreciate the move, or the assumption that since they love the cheapest R6 Credits sport, they are prepared to be milked.

First is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, that included decorative items in loot boxes. But unlike say, Destiny 2, where a cosmetic, paid loot pool is also at least marginally accessible by grinding, the only way to get these loot boxes would be by purchasing them at the shop for real world cash. Interestingly, it's also different than Ubisoft's own system in The Division, which permits the purchase of cosmetic loot boxes from faming key objects from bosses.

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