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A few days ago, we showed you Buy Air Jordan 4 Fire Red Online in the Lakers color scheme, which was only a small part of the upcoming venture. Today we have another version of One's for you.In this case, jumpmana designers and those from the Nike skateboard branch decided to bet on the whitish color falling into a very light gray. Do not let this fool you, because part of the panel will have an abrasive paint, so each shoe will eventually look different in each of us. The complement is a black collar, a black Swoosh and a tongue with a binding.The outermost layer is the interweaving of black and white lines, which is the Oreo Mai whirlwind upper, and the inner layer is more distinct black stripes and Oreo lines. After cutting it, you will find the reflective material. The material of this material is interwoven with the fabric material to form Battleknit 2.0.
Congratulations to every work of the 91st Academy Awards. After all, the finalists are definitely one. I don’t think that this year Oscar has two pairs of Nike M2K Tekno Techno Future shoes related to Jordan Brand. The first one is the best animated feature film "Spider Man: New Universe." "There was a joint name Air Jordan 1 'Origin Story', and the other was the best adaptation of the script "Black Party BlacKkKlansman". How is this film related to sneakers? The pair of shoes made by Jordan Brand for the big director, the right heel has his own production company 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks logo, and let the editor Spike Lee also wore a special version of Air Jordan 1 High Zip when he first appeared at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The black and white asymmetrical color matched the 'Equality' theme.The upper is divided into three levels. The fake LBJ16, the upper is also woven. After careful dismantling, what is missing is the special material in Battleknit2.0. After cutting, they are also just regular fabric lines.
Designed by Nate Jobe and the Nike special projects team, the Nike React Element 87 features responsive REACT foam cushioning and an inside-out “deconstructed” aesthetic. The inspiration for the style came from drilling holes into the foam of the sole unit, with the aim of attaining greater levels of comfort while standing, walking, shifting and sprinting. These trials allowed designers to determine which hole depth and densities accomplished their comfort goals. The team then applied the abstract outsole to a retro Internationalist-inspired upper – constructed from 100% TPE textile yarn – to complete the React Elements’ translucent profile.In fact, the director Spike Lee wore a high-profile gold Air Jordan 3 Tinker at the awards ceremony.

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