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Although there was much in the film (not the kind wow classic gold we want), luckily there is some good to be found. The technical execution was very well done. The cinematography, production design, and sound production all showcased craftmanship. As an example, among the 900 Confederate soldiers who died that day, 698 died between 3:30 and 5:00pm. In the end, a combination of five banks assembled the ransom. It amazed me to learn that the federal government never reimbursed the banks.

"Red River" stands apart from other shooters because its bullets are appropriately lethal. There's no charging an enemy and knifing him because even ricochets can be near fatal. This places a high value on suppressive fire and flanking the enemy while unseen.

KS is within his rights to prevent RS from interviewing, but that does not make it right to prevent a young coach from advancing his career. The 49ers' new quarterbacks coach was in a cozy spot in 2014 as the offensive coordinator at Northern Arizona University. He had a six figure salary, plenty of autonomy following year, he left that lifestyle to take an entry level position with the Atlanta Falcons, one that slashed his salary by 70 percent and had him living in another coach's spare bedroom.

One hundred and fourteen people were killed and 216 were injured. As a result of the legal actions that were brought, over $140 million was paid to the injured and the families of the dead, primarily by the owner of the building. But there were other consequences.

As someone who is currently living on the US median income, from purely anecdotal data, I am living way, way, worse in the US than I would on the same salary in Sweden or Germany. Reality is biased, it very hard to deal with that. Even more so when the people who create the tools to combat the bias are themselves biased.

30th January 2013Fact: Comedian Robin Williams has become the latest star to feature in Tv skits for chocolate treat Snickers. The quirky ads, which launched during the Super Bowl in 2010, feature 20 somethings becoming celebrities like aged Betty White and cranky Joe Pesci on the football field and at parties when they're in need of a chocolate energy boost. In Williams' new American football themed ad, the funnyman takes on the guise of a coach trying to will his confused team to victory..

Other games that are story based release bigger stories at a better pace. FGO releases massive chapters every few months that take a week or more to clear on natural energy and are absolutely packed with story. Compare to E7 which has taken half a year to release two parts of its second chapter, and plans one part out of ten each month.

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