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I am reminded how helpful it's in games such as PoE or D3 to swap weapon sets. The Wardrobe should become something you've got distinct"Sets" for, and may switch between at will, without affecting your carrying capability. Give players two sets to start, so they may have a spare, then since TLF will be F2P, fee for more. The Statues that are in the Fort are still places for players to show off items, but perhaps make it so that said thing does not need to stay in the Fort to be displayed.

I've been playing a lot with the controller in my laptop, and I really must say this is my favorite way to play Torchlight Frontiers and all ARPGs lately. It's just far more comfy. But it's also clear to me Echtra is designing TLF with the concept of keeping a comparatively similar AI between the PC and console builds. That is a mistake, and I hope I'm mistaken. The UI for console should unquestionably be simplified and streamlined for the control, and the PC UI should eventually be more scalable, adaptive, and I would love to find the puzzle-like stock of previous games return. Or in the very least, put in far more slots in addition to sorting options.

Lastly, and I'm sure this is coming since I feel like the group explained so in a recent interview, the Ability UI for constructing your personality is equally a bit confusing and a little misleading. Active and passive skills' separation makes it look like there is not a lot of expansion or skills. But even there are 10 abilities on the Forged, and 11 skills, each of which can be upgraded multiple times. More will probably be added, for certain, plus the Relic Weapon system adds another layer of personality building. But be an option I'd like to observe skills mods or morphs a la Diablo and ESO 3. A way for gamers to customize exactly what a skill does so they can differentiate themselves from additional Forged and Duskmages.

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